FURIOUS BARKING – “We Will Meet One Day (The Anthology 1989-1993)”

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Furious Barking - We Will Meet One Day (2023 - Rude Awakening Records)Italian thrashers FURIOUS BARKING will be out on March 20, 2023 on Rude Awakening Records with “We Will Meet One Day (The Anthology 1989-1993)”: a double and limited CD set featuring rare and unreleased versions of their songs through their career and later content from the personal archives of the band members. Being a cult name linked to the early days of the extreme Metal bands in Italy with their Thrash/Death style, this anthology marks the second collaboration of the band with Rude Awakening Records, following the reissue “Italian Thrash Relics” from 2016.

“We Will Meet One Day (The Anthology 1989-1993)” will be published only as a strictly limited digipack edition as physical format, featuring a hand-numbered QR which will give access to a complete and unreleased Furious Barking show from the early ‘90s. The tracks will be available as well for streaming and download on all the main digital providers.


Complete tracklist as follows:

CD 1

[De-Industrialized vinyl, 1991]
1. Adm. Concilium
2. W.W.M.O.D.
3. Neophyte Necessity
4. Euthanasia
5. Ipse Dixit
6. Soldiers (Hill A136)
[Theory of Diversity original DAT version, 1992]
7. Every Indetermination Is Complete
8. The Last Stop Is Mortuary
9. Always from Inside
10. Homo Superior
11. Lives in Incubator
12. Decompressing
13. Decompression State
14. Which Theory
15. Way of Brutality
16. End of Infinite

CD 2

[Theory of Diversity, 2008 version]
1. Decompression State
2. Always from Inside
3. The Last Stop Is Mortuary
4. Lives in Incubator
5. Every Indetermination Is Complete
6. Homo Superior
7. Which Theory
8. Way of Brutality
[Deranging Concern, 1993 demo]
9. Practice of Humiliation
10. Mind Stuffing
11. Deranging Concern
12. Dichotomy
13. Waste
14. Hidden Cult


First two previews on YouTube:



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